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Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) Professional HYBRID Type-S has silent capacitive switches and hybrid connectivity - USB & Bluetooth. All hybrid models include full key map customization software*. HHKB Pro is equipped with USB Type-C.
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Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) Professional HYBRID Type-S in White with Printed Key Caps, Silent Capacitive Switches, and Hybrid Connectivity - USB & Bluetooth.

Compatible with both PC and Mac, the 60-key HHKB Pro was designed by UNIX professionals and advanced programmers with high-speed typing efficiency in mind. The keyboard is customizable and can be easily modified, meaning it fits the purpose of any user.

HHKB Professional HYBRID new features:

PBT space bar
Pairing with Fn keys
Full key map customization software*
2 ways to connect; USB Type-C and Bluetooth
Connect up to 4 devices via Bluetooth; PC, tablet, smartphone

HHKB Key Features:

High-Quality Frame and Keys
Keys are made of top quality PBT texturized to stay dry and resist shine. Permanent sublimation dye symbols won’t fade.

- Charcoal model: frame (ABS), key (PBT) 
- White model: frame (AES), key (PBT)

Topre Capacitive Switches
High-quality switches provide silk smooth key press, with a lifespan of up to 50 million presses.

Compact Size & Ergonomic Design
The appealing minimalist style is just the beginning! With a 60 key layout for easier handling, space saving, and mobility, and contoured frame and key settings.

Intelligent Key Layout
Designed by programmers for programmers to improve speed, accuracy and to reduce hand and finger fatigue -hands never need to leave the home row.

The HHKB HYBRID Type-S comes with full key map customization software* as well as 6 DIP switches to customize user experience. Includes 3 adjustable keyboard heights for optimum comfort.

Exceptional Value
The HHKB comes with Fujitsu Computer Products of America’s industry leading technical support, a 2 year advanced exchange warranty and U.S. certifications.

Made In Japan
Commitment to quality, durability, and technological sophistication.

* Keymap software requires a USB connection to a PC running Microsoft Windows for programming.

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Requirements: Not included with subscription

  • PC
  • Windows 10 or later
  • Compatible ScanSnap (either/or)
    • iX100
    • S1300i
    • iX1300
    • iX1400
    • iX1500
    • iX1600
  • ScanSnap software (either/or)
    • ScanSnap Home V1.8.1 or later
    • ScanSnap Manager V7.1L27 or later
  • Access to internet
  • Compatible browser (either/or)
    • Edge Version 91.0.864.48 or later
    • Chrome Version 91.0.4472.101 or later
  • Sufficient local system storage while scanning (20GB recommended)
    • Permanently if operating stand-alone
    • Temporarily if exported to 3rd party service
  • Active QuickBooks Online subscription if exporting to QuickBooks Online


  • Automatically recognizes and extracts following data points from compliant invoices*
    • Header: Vendor Name, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Purchase Order Number
    • Footer: Total Amount, Total Tax Amount
    • Line Items: Item Number, Description, Quantity, Unit Price, Line Item Total
  • Counts only invoices that return one or more data points listed above
  • Provides operator an interface to manually verify and correct data points listed above
  • Provides portal to track usage
  • Integrates with ScanSnap using ScanSnap Home or ScanSnap Manager software
  • Can automatically export compatible data points into QuickBooks Online

* Recognition and extraction of data from invoices are subject to the limitations set forth below.


  • Not all invoices are formatted or in a condition to return any, some or all data points accurately using this technology
  • Data point recognition and extraction accuracy can be impacted by many factors such as invoice formatting, font (handwriting) and graphics, scanner issues, etc.
  • Data point recognition and extraction accuracy cannot be guaranteed due to limitations on technology.
  • Cannot recognize or extract data points from the following forms
    • Non-US invoices
    • Statements
    • Utility bills
    • Chinese invoices
    • FAPIO
    • Commercial invoices (waybills, bill of ladings, shipping receipts)

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